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About Elen




My name is Elen Caldecott, I am a writer for children and young people. I live in Bristol with my husband in a suburb called Totterdown. We chose it mostly because of the name.

Most days I sit at our kitchen table for a few hours and write. Other days I go to work in a cinema, or at the university where I teach writing for children.

I have always liked to read books. When I was a child I would write sequels to some of my favourite books because I couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the characters. Eventually, I started inventing characters of my own.

Before becoming a writer, I was an archaeologist, a nurse, a theatre usher and a museum security guard. It was while working at the museum that I realised there a way to steal anything if you think about it hard enough. I either had to become a master thief, or create some characters to do it for me so I began my debut novel, How Kirsty Jenkins Stole The Elephant.

I like to mix stories of adventure with real-life situations, because I think that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. You can find out more about my work here. Two of my favourite writers, Hilary McKay and Frank Cottrell Boyce, do this brilliantly and I would love to be as good as they are one day

You can find me on Facebook at 'Elen Caldecott Children's Author'.

If you would like to email me, my address is (replace AT with @).